jimcyl (jimcyl) wrote in copyright,

Comment on ACTA

If you don't know, the US Trade Representative has been negotiating a secret copyright treaty with a number of other countries. Documents leaked to Wikileaks have revealed that the treaty language would destroy the protections that allowed the Internet to flourish in the way that it has by criminalizing file sharing, requiring ISP's to be copyright police in a far more intrusive way than the current "notice and takedown" scheme, and requiring ISP's to shut off the Internet access of file-sharers. When pressed for information, the Obama Administration refused to divulge any documents, claiming that it was a matter of "national security." Wired has a lot of information on the topic.

Public Knowledge has an article up stating that the USTR is taking public comment on the treaty until February 16th. Please, if you care about balanced copyright law, go to the article and follow the links to the USTR's office and comment!
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