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This community is too quiet...

I read this today:

"When fictional characters become such an intricate part of the popular psyche, as is the case with the Twilight Saga, legal boundaries become blurred, and copyright laws become increasingly difficult to define. This is especially the case when actual cities like Forks and Volterra are used as the novel's settings. Such settings are not copyrightable, as they are considered public domain. Similarly, the Quileute Nation is also not copyrightable, and neither are vampire or werewolf legends. Copyright laws protect writers from unauthorized reproductions of their work, but such reproductions only include verbatim copying. Characters are only copyrightable if their creator draws them or hires an artist to draw them. Stephenie Meyer herself borrowed a great deal from previous works dealing with these mythologies."

So, that's one of the more hilarious misstatements of copyright law I've seen lately, which got me to wondering: What are the biggest misconceptions about copyright? Based on what I've read on the Internet I would say:

1) It's ok to copy something if I link/attribute it.
2) Fanfiction is not a copyright violation
3) It's been settled that ripping something to your ipod/iTunes is fair use/not a copyright violation.

Did I miss any?
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