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Coypright Notices & Names

Hi All,

So, I'm finally finishing this book.  I'm going to self-publish it through Lulu, at least at first -- if demand is high, I'll pay for an ISBN and inclusion in Amazon, etc. 

My question is about the copyright notice.  I wrote this book under a pseudonym -- it's about polyphasic sleep, which I'm proud to be one of the pioneers of, but it's not something I want a future employer to find attached to my name if they Google it; my career(s) are reputation-sensitive and polyphasic sleep is a pretty "weird" undertaking, at least at this point in time.  So I write all my polyphasic stuff under the name "Puredoxyk", including this book.  Puredoxyk, of course, is not legally my name. 

My husband has also published some books, and he does so under the auspices of "Flammable Press", which is not incorporated in the legal sense.  If I linked my book to FP, someone *could* figure out who I am (my husband publishes under his real name), but I'm not so much "worried that someone might find me" as just trying to protect my professional name online.

I assume I shouldn't put a copyright notice on this book attached to a pseudonym.  I was thinking about putting "copyright 2008 Flammable Press", if that's legally better, but since FP isn't a legal entity, I dunno. 

Do I *have* to use my real name?
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